Can You Escape The Vantucky Ripper?

Ronnie’s House

You’ve escaped a serial killer’s basement kill room only to find yourself trapped inside his house! The Vantucky Ripper has given you 60 minutes to find your way through his twisted game of madness! Are you ready for Ronnie to take you to the next level?

Five Stars

“Truly, one of the best escape rooms I have ever done. The room and puzzles were extremely well done, and the interaction with Ronnie made the experience all that much better. It was a lot of fun, and I recommend it to everyone.”
Megen Morris

Five Stars

“This room has one of the strongest themes of any room I have played. Highly recommend but don’t get trapped or I’d hate to see the consequences. Would love to try this groups upcoming rooms.”
-Tony Hertel

Five Stars

“Ronnie’s House was absolutely killer! He kept our hearts pounding, and our blood pumping (though the Ripper may have had other plans)! Out of all the rooms I have gone too this is by far my favorite and Alex is by far the best game master we have had!”
-Tyler Storms

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