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Who is Behind the Scenes?



They have two children, Austin and Hayley. Austin is the production assistance between games and Hayley just plain loves to be at the escape room. Rob has always been in the entertainment industry so owning an escape room was right up his alley. Tamara enjoys running the business side of things and meeting the many people that come to the escape room. As a family, they like to travel and spend time at the coast.

They also have a passion for giving back to their community by making donations to non-profits such as Michelle’s Love, which help single mom’s battling breast cancer pay their bills so they can focus on their health and their children.


Game Master

Elise is a current senior at Western Oregon University where she is enrolled in the BFA Acting Program. A self-described obsessive baker, Elise looks forward to sharing sweet treats with the rest of the NWEE staff. When not in school, work, or in her kitchen, Elise can generally be found clad in her sneakers running all around the Portland area.

Favorite Escape Room:
Operation: DB Cooper


Game Master

A graduate of Western Washington University with a degree in English Lit, Tim MacAusland hopes to one day be a published horror author. In his free time he enjoys writing, acting and watching slasher movies. His favorite is Scream.

Favorite Escape Room:
The Kill Room


Game Master

When asked who he is, his response was “I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain!” As you can tell he’s a lover of all things music, poetry, books etc. Jesse is a great addition to the NWEE family!

Favorite Escape Room:
The Hangover Hotel