About Us – NW Escape Experience

Who is Behind the Scenes?



They have two children, Austin and Hayley who have grown up in the Clark County area their entire lives. Rob has always been in the entertainment industry so owning an escape room was right up his alley. Tamara enjoys running the business side of things and meeting the many people that come to the escape room. As a family, they like to travel and spend time at the coast.

They also have a passion for giving back to their community by making donations to non-profits such as Michelle’s Love, which help single parent’s battling breast cancer pay their bills so they can focus on their health and their children.


Operations Manager

Coming all the way back from Florida working puppets with Disney, Alex is very excited to be home but still acting. If there’s one thing he always wishes to be doing it would be telling people stories. Past times include RPGs, video games, and doing the dishes.

Favorite Escape Room:
Jurassic Tours


Lobby Master

Abby is a Sociology major at WSUV, poodle mom, and herbal hobbyist. She loves to cook, garden, and stay in bed on the weekends. Her dream job is to be a puppet master but she’ll settle for any kind of good fun.

Favorite Escape Room:
Operation: DB Cooper


Game Master

AnneMarie is a senior at Union High School. She has been involved with theatre for two years, and wants to go to Washington State University for a psychology degree and minor in theatre.

Favorite Escape Room:
The Kill Room


Game Master

Mark studied audio engineering and music production at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Phoenix AZ and did some work at recording studios around the Los Angeles area. He spends most of his free time freelancing music production as well as producing his own solo projects, playing video games and watching anime.

Favorite Escape Room:
Jurassic Tours