Team Building – NW Escape Experience


Each of our escape rooms offers a unique way to build your team’s communication and effectiveness. Combine the experience with one of our custom packages for a fully immersive team building adventure!

Respect for Contribution

Each player has a unique set of skills which help solve certain problems. No one can solve the room by themselves.

Camaraderie Under Pressure

The simulated pressure created for the teams to escape forces the group perform under a stressful situation.

Effective Communication

A common goal, such as escaping in 60 minutes, can help your team align their mindset and focus on team success.

Escape rooms can be a great way to make employees feel more connected to each other and your organization. Sometimes it takes a change of scenery to help push your team in a direction where they can enjoy their time together while growing through a unique experience.

“Had a team building event and had a super time. Definitely recommend this place for small or big groups! We will definitely go again!”
-Melynda D.

Escape rooms are emerging as some of the top games used by corporations to help foster team development.

It’s easier for employees to develop their teamwork skills after they have been subjected to conditions of an escape experience. The room helps inspire the employees to develop cooperation by requiring everyone to contribute towards the success of the team if they want to escape from the room. This is a unique experience where you and your colleagues will interact and work on communication under stressful, yet fun, conditions. The interaction between team members helps create the perfect environment for companies to work on team building and cohesiveness.

We have 3 levels for your team’s experience

  1. Exclusive Escape Experience w/ 30 minutes before or after in meeting area
  2. Exclusive Escape Experience w/ one hour professional training
  3. Exclusive Escape Experience w/ four hours professional training which includes personalized assessment completed prior to event and comprehensive results following event