Team Building
Events that WORK!

Pair professional training with an unforgettable escape room experience for maximum engagement and lasting impact.


Participate in live team training with a highly qualified facilitator.


Put your training to the test while being observed working one of our escape rooms as a team.


Your facilitator will help your team lock in the learning with observations and facilitated discussion and feedback.

Escape rooms are emerging as some of the top games used by corporations to help foster team development.

At NW Escape Experience we know that you want to have a cohesive team.  In order to do that, you need an experience that brings them together in a dynamic and memorable way.  The problem is, most team building events are either boring or ineffective which makes team members annoyed.  We believe team building should be FUN and it should actually WORK.

We understand what a waste of time it can be, which is why we decided to partner with a highly reputable professional trainers from Tributary Coaching.  

First we guide you through a training tailored to your needs.  Next, we set your team loose in an immersive escape experience.  Then, we help the team lock in all the learning.

Book your next event with us.  Don’t waste time with yet another ineffective training and instead experience what it’s like to truly work as a team when it’s all on the line.  

Five Stars

“Had a team building event and had a super time. Definitely recommend this place for small or big groups! We will definitely go again!”
-Melynda D.

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