Operation: DB Cooper, NW Escape Experience

Operation: DB Cooper

You are working with the FBI to track down the infamous DB Cooper. All of the clues have lead your team to a remote cabin in the woods, where it’s believed he has been hiding since he parachuted from a hijacked airplane with nearly $200,000 in ransom money. Will you find the high flying hijacker inside with his cash, or is it all another empty lead in the case of Operation: DB Cooper?

Five Stars

“Excellent!! Didn’t know what to expect and it was so much better then we thought!! A group of 6 of us and we are all ready to go back!!! Well thought out, well done!! Highly recommend going!!!”
Megan Widman

Five Stars

“My daughter and her friends had SO much fun, even though they died !! What a fun and unusual place you’ve created!”
Chantel Swett

Five Stars

“We loved it!! We didn’t solve it, and we didn’t feel stupid because of it. They gave us great clues. There were crazy twists. We loved every minute. Definitely coming back!”
Emily Gregson

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