The Hangover Hotel Escape Room – NW Escape Experience

It’s the morning after a raging party in Las Vegas and you have no memory of the previous night. Not only is the hotel room destroyed, but you’ve insulted the Casino Boss and stolen his coke! You’ve got 60 minutes to retrace your footsteps, find the coke and save your best friend Doug before The Boss whacks you and buries you in the Nevada desert!

“Had a great time in the Hangover Hotel, and we escaped with only 4 people playing. Clues were challenging, and not obvious or simply linear like some other escape rooms. Definitely will come back.”
Vanessa S.

“…We laughed so hard during and after. Lots of little Vegas touches that we totally got. Thanks for the awesome time! You guys rock!”
-Betty C.

“What. A. Blast. Thanks Doug for all the help!. Definitely will come back for another room.”
-Sam H.