Polybius Lives Escape Room – NW Escape Experience
After inheriting a storage locker from your long lost uncle, you discover the mysterious arcade machine known as Polybius! The game has been hidden since 1981 after a series of mysterious deaths in a Portland arcade. The urban legend just woke up and it wants to play a game….can you outwit the most mysterious arcade game ever made?

WARNING: Lighting is used during this experience that may not be safe for those with epilepsy or other light sensitivity issues.

“What a cool experience! Took my family and we had so much fun.  They take the time to add a lot of fun references to the real urban legend.  I highly recommend this experience.”

Otis Gates

“**HIGHLY RECOMMEND** We all had a great time in the Escape Room! Our group had men and women ages 19-66 and everyone participated and enjoyed the challenge. We had to work hard to figure out the clues, but it was fun and never frustrating. We will definitely be back to try some of the other rooms!”
-Kimberly Roylance

“One of our favorite escape rooms we have done. We’ve done almost all the rooms. The technology is amazing.”
-Hana San